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Two-way Interaction Of Marxist Philosophy In China And The World And Its Ways

Posted on:2008-01-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L F LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2205360245983747Subject:Marxist philosophy
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Marxist philosophy, combining with the Chinese social practice, increasingly flexibly and effectively solve the important issues of social development and promote China's development since it entered into China's airspace from the European continent. The process of Marxist philosophy's Chinaliazation is also the process of the Marxist philosophy's worldlization. Marxist philosophy's worldlizaion is the inner measure of Marxist philosophy's Chinaliazation. At the same time the history of Marxist philosophy's Chinaliazation proves that the dimension of worldlization is indispensable. Marxist philosophy's Chinaliazation and its worldlization integrate with each other and construct a complex picture of Marxist philosophy. Based on the Marxist philosophy's Chinaliazation, this paper discusses the reality basis, theoretical basis and realizing channels of Marxist philosophy's Chinaliazation and Marxist philosophy's worldlization and their interaction combining with the demands of the time, practice and theory from the perspective of the relationship between Marxist philosophy Nationalization and Marxist philosophy's worldlization.The two-way interaction of the Marxist Philosophy Chinalization with its worldlization in the context of reality should include three aspects of connotation: Firstly, the interaction and mutual promotion of the Marxist philosophy guiding China's revolution and construction practice with its guiding the future evolution and development of the world; secondly, the integration of Marxist philosophy with the practice in China and the integration of Marxist philosophy with the global development; Thirdly, the interaction and mutual promotion of the creative application and development of the theory of Marxism in China and in the world.Marxist philosophy advances with the time and responds to the requests of the era, practice and theory. Marxist philosophy has a solid reality foundation and theoretical basis. Contemporary hermeneutics stresses the fusion of horizons and it provides a new ideological dimension for our study of Marxist philosophy chinalization and worldlization and their interaction The realizations of these integrations of theory and reality, the history and the future, persisting and developing, China's perspective and world's perspective are the four basic approaches for our study of Marxist philosophy Chinalization and the worldlization and their interaction.
Keywords/Search Tags:Marxist philosophy, Chinalization, worldlization, inter-Action, realizing channels
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