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On Criminal Seizure Of The Construction Of The System

Posted on:2011-01-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The criminal activity detains is a very important compulsory measure in the criminal prosecution moves, it has the very vital role in collecting and preserving the evidence, guarantees that the lawsuit activity carries on smoothly, reduces the economic loss which the country and the victim receive as far as possible. However, because of the immature and imperfect on the system in the criminal activity detains on our country, in addition to the influence on the thoughts of heavy body and light procedure in the judicial practice, which causes the criminal activity to detain appeared many questions in the implementation. From the purpose of perfecting the system of criminal activity detains, through this thesis's research, it can be beneficial to criminal legislation and judicature. Four parts constitute this text.The first part is the general legal connotation of the criminal activity detains and the criminal activity detains system. Then comment on the value of the criminal activity detention system.In the second part, the author briefly talks about the main countries' criminal activity detains system. Be based on the analysis of criminal activity detains system of England, American, Germany, Japan, the author finds their general character.In the third part, the paper introduces the present system of the criminal activity detains of our country. First of all, the thesis discusses the legislation of our country's criminal activity detains. Secondly, the paper talks about problems that exist in initialization procedure, executive procedure, terminal procedure.The fourth part is the conception of perfecting our country's criminal activity detains. First of all, the paper analyses the necessity of completing our country's criminal activity detains. Then it raises the conception of perfecting our country's criminal activity detains based on our situation and foreign experience, constructing a preliminary thoughts and ideas.
Keywords/Search Tags:the criminal activity detains, the criminal procedure law, judicial review, consummate
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