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Practical Analysis On The Right Of Claim For Medical Insurance

Posted on:2016-04-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In today’s society life, insurance subrogation system is more and more highlights its theoretical value and practical significance, it has the insurance legislation in most countries in the relevant provisions on the system of insurance subrogation.Insurance legislation in our country, however, was not the general rule in many insurance subrogation system in all insurance areas, but only in the field of property insurance regulations, the insurer shall enjoy the right of insurance subrogation.But, with the continuous development of the insurance industry, in the theoretical circle and judicial practice, whether for medical expenses insurance with characteristics of personal insurance for subrogation rights has produced many different theory and the contradiction between cases.Appearing in the judicial practice process on two cases of specific applicability analysis of medical expenses insurance subrogation rights, the paper mainly consists of introduction, text and summary of three most, while the body is composed of the following four chapters: the first chapter, this article through two cases in the process of judicial practice in our country, raises the current our country insurance domain applicability about medical expenses insurance subrogation rights issues;The second chapter, this article mainly from medical treatment insurance and the right of insurance subrogation and discussing the concept, nature and scope of application, etc;The third chapter, this paper mainly discussed from the aspects of legal theory of insurance subrogation rights in our country medical treatment insurance of applicable;The fourth chapter, based on the above two cases in judicial practice, elaborates from the aspects of system analysis of insurance subrogation rights in our country, the suitable medical expenses insurance.
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