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The Legal Searches About Medical Expenses Insurance Competition

Posted on:2018-02-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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People often in life by medical expenses insurance to provide security for their health,but tend to be the same when insured losses with the multiple number of insurance contracts in order to reduce the risk of damage occurs,it will cause a large number of medical expenses insurance practice of competition.For example both the insurance and medical insurance for urban residents to insure the commercial medical insurance,when the medical treatment charge compensation problem caused by accident,both are responsible for it,how to utilize the two underwriter insurance liability become the problem that need to be studied.So should not only to our country current on the operation of the medical expense insurance competition analysis,also need to foreign related regulations such as excessive forehead "contract clauses","convention is not responsible for the terms","agreed proportion to clause",and when the same or different terms and conditions of the insurance contract when concurrence of liability are analyzed and the distribution of the research,to offer reference for the processing on the allocation of the burden of our country.Finally,combined with China's national conditions and the operation of insurance concurrence of the reality of our country medical expenses insurance processing principles,some Suggestions and responsibilities,including the competition between the social medical insurance,commercial medical insurance and social medical insurance and commercial medical insurance between the phenomenon,through the clear underwriter liability,medical expenses insurance concurrence of different cases assign responsibility,so that the medical expense insurance competition disputes provide reference and reference.
Keywords/Search Tags:medical expenses insurance competition, double insurance, responsibility distribution, social insurance, commercial insurance
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