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A Study On The Difficulty Of Protecting The Rights And Interests Of Migrant Workers

Posted on:2016-10-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206330470482263Subject:Public administration
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In the recent years, a large number of peasants have entered cities and done what workers used to do with no change of their social status as peasants and recognition and acceptance of the cities. They are at the edge of the industry, cities as well as countryside and even our institution since there is no workers ’union to protect them, no protection of their rights and interests and no social benefits brought about by the economic development of the cities, which contributes to them being the most hard-working yet worst-paid employees under the worst working conditions. Nowadays our country is undergoing fast economy, but the rate of accidents in the production is also very high. When getting involved in the accidents, some peasant workers’ rights and interests cannot be protected, which is a big problem for them as well as our society.In this dissertation, the problem is raised, then analyzed and finally possible solutions are offered, in which the methods of literature research, depth interview, statistical analysis and comparison and reference are applied. The research subject is the peasant workers suffering from production accidents. Based on the relevant first-hand data and cases kept in the Administrative Department of Labor, the problem is being studied.From the study, it can be found that mainly five factors contribute to the peasant workers’ problem of protecting their rights and interests in production accidents.1. A serious shortage of peasant workers industrial injury insurance.2. The relevant evidence of the labor relations and the injuries is difficult to put to the proof.3. The complex procedure they have to follow takes too much of their time.4. The compensation they actually get is usually less the amount they deserve as set in the law.5. Usually, the accidents lead to the end of the work relations. Accordingly, based on the personal experience of dealing with such cases in the communication with the relevant peasant workers and the companies, the problem is analyzed and discussed from the perspectives of the imperfection of the current law system, the limitation of the lawful administration of the government, the employers’l ack of law awareness and social responsibility and the peasant workers’ shortage of self-protection awareness. Finally, it is proposed that the law system of production accidents, which include insurance protection, be improved, administrative concept be changed, administrative law enforcement be strengthened, employers’ law awareness and sense of social responsibility be enhanced, and the peasant workers’ awareness of law and self-protection be improved.Hopefully, this study, which is based on the lower-level labor administrative department’s practice of dealing with peasant workers’ production accidents, can be of social significance in three aspects:1. Theoretically, it can be useful reference for the study on the problem of peasant workers’ social security.2. Institutionally, it can be helpful in the central government’s and local governments’ making of the law items concerning production accidents.3. Practically, it can help promote the effective law construction, the employers’ standardized employment of peasant workers and peasant workers’ self-protection awareness.
Keywords/Search Tags:production accidents, peasant worker, protection of rights and interests
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