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Venture Capital, Development And Promotion Of High-tech Industries

Posted on:2001-11-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360002950046Subject:National Economics
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This thesis tries to have done some analyses to the venture capital and theindustrialization development problem of high technology, has put forward the developmentmodel of the venture capital in our country should be for that the government helps andprivate investment and private administration.The whole article divides altogether 4 major parts.The first part, Combining the times feature starts from the relation that fmance andeconomy and points out that the venture capital is that the engine of one country economyincrease,high and new technology industry is concerning that our country economy goes on,steadies and the healthy development .It is very important subject of the Chinese nation, isworth we go on extensively to research.The second part, feature, effect and the course of change and development of venturecapital were analyzed in detail. And the concept and feature, the present condition and thebottle neck of the high technology industry has done full the analysis and thedemonstration. Points out that fund lack,development mechanism, scope,structure,technique innovations and ability are the major factors to restrict the industrial development.of our country high and new technology. so we must rely on the venture capital.The third part,present condition and the difficulty and the problem of venture capitalin our country have been analyzed. the major problem at present in our country : investors areweak, the source of channel is single,the environment is lacked .and lacks the necessarysupport for law.The 4th part, some suggestions that how to develops the venture capital in our countryhave put forward. Like construct to build the machine of venture capital,system, operatingand way out. Having expounded the position of the place of our government in thedevelopment of venture capital .and the function fixed position location of government shouldbe the system supplies, environment construction and legislation help; Having demonstratedat the same time the model of development of venture capital of our country should'be for thegovernment helps and private investment and private administration.
Keywords/Search Tags:venture capital, the high-tech industry, governmentguaranty, system supplies, the second board market
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