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The Value Conception Of Mineral Resource & The Research Of Mining Right Appraisal Approach

Posted on:2002-08-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360032451172Subject:Philosophy of science and technology
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The value conception of mineral resource &the research of mining right appraisal approachZhang Hua(Chengdu University of~ Technology, Chengdu 610059)AbstractNature resource is not only the material base of social economic development, but the important constituent of national asset. The reasonable allocation and transference of mineral resource is carried out by the transference of mining title in the market economy. The evaluation on mining title is the premise of its transference. Mineral assets usufruct can be separated with ownership by the institution of mining title. Nation as mineral assets owner imposes Resource Tax~ Resource Payment and mining title user charge to materialize economic interest of ownership.Mining title is a usufruct derived from national proprietorship about mineral resource. Mining title has not individual entity form,it must be supported by mineral property. Mining right evaluation possesses its particularity compared with common assets evaluation in hypothesis premise~. principle and method. Mining title evaluation must think over many factors on geology.. economy etc. It needs sufficient complete information; on the other hand the valuer's knowledge structure and practice experience are required as well.This paper analyzes the actuality.. method.. parameter choice about mining right evaluation in china.The author have the following conclusions combined with overseas and domestic theory and method on mining tenement assessment through the evaluation of Dashuigou Te Deposit.1. The comprehension of natural resource value ought to persist in labour theory of value.2. Quantification to natural resource value should be analyzed with Marx's ground rent theory.3.How to distribute fair the surplus excess profit between the proprietor and the owner is the key of Discounted Cash Flow in mining right evaluation. The author put forward three fundamental principles that should be followed in distributing surplus excess profit.4.Following three principles, the comparatively rational evaluation method is gained by validating the results of evaluation to four methods with investment reverse calculation.5.It is known that mine risk factors embody the value of discount rate in the evaluation. Discount rate is a pivotal index, it influence directly profit distribution including the nation owner the proprietor and the owner.
Keywords/Search Tags:Value, Mining title, Assessment method, Discount rate, Risk
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