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Study Of Financial Globalization, Legal And Regulatory Issues

Posted on:2002-05-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y LuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360032454241Subject:Economic Law
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Financial Globalization is one of the most striking phenomena in the modem world. Based on information and electron setting, it is the trend of the international financial development that the course of the Financial Globalization becomes quicker. While reducing the exchange cost and accelerating the flow of the international capital; Financial Globalization also results in the more fierce competition of nations or regions as well as greater financial risks. In order to meet the challenge of Financial Globalization, many countries or regions are not only launching reforms of legal system so as to consummate the legal system of supervision, but also reinforcing the co-operation of international supervision to attain the aim of more favorable competition situation. Therefore, it is very important and urgent for our country to perfect our legal system of supervision to face up with the Financial Globalization of 21 century. This also explains the theoretical and practical 4 significance of this research. The thesis can be divided into five sections. The first section: the connotation and the characteristics of the Financial Globalization have been expatiated; The second section: the venation of the theories of the financial supervision as well as the conventional theories of supervision challenged by the Financial Globalization have been expounded; The third section: the national reforms of legal system of supervision of some advanced countries or regions such as U.S.A~ U.K~. Japan and Hong Kong of China have been compared and summarized; The forth section: Though the analyses of the activities of the four international II financial organizations including BASLE~. IOSCO~ IAIS ~. IMF on international supervision, the experiences of their co-operation on the supervision of the Financial Globalization have been analyzed and their characteristics have been reviewed too. The fifth section: Based on the analysis of the current situation and the defects of Chinese legal financial system of supervision, the thesis focused on the four special difficulties: de-media~ financial electron financial freedom and financial conglomerate .The protocol of our country抯 legal system on the Financial Globalization has been put forward in the end.
Keywords/Search Tags:Financial Globalization, Legal system of supervision, Legal system
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