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Guang'an Building Materials Group Co., Ltd. Development Strategy

Posted on:2002-04-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360032454798Subject:Business Administration
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Sichuan Guangan Construction Material Group(shortened as Guangjian Group)is one of the four big cement enterprises in Sichuan, one of the 67 backbone cement enterprises of China ,one of the 37 expanding enterprises, one of the 80 experimental units of Sichuan province. From the former Qujiang Cement Plant to today's Group, the enterprise once created glorious achievement. But with the shift from the planning economy to marketing economy, the all-round deep going reform in the state-owned enterprises, the enterprise has been falling into difficult condition step by step. The decline of its whole returns, high accounts receivable, lower efficiency, and more than needed workers have seriously interfered with its production, operation, and management.I choose the development strategy of Guangjian Group as my research object just because I think Guangjian Group shares many characteristics with other big state-owned enterprises which move with difficult in their operation. There will be great reference value to other enterprises to deeply deliberate various problems of Grangjian Group.This dissertation includes several main aspects as follows: Chapter one: A Brief Introduction to The EnterpriseThis part mainly tells about the development history, organization structure, the scope of operation, technology equipments, production capacity, main achievements and operation straits faced today.Chapter two: Situation Analyzing1.The present situation and development trend of the world cement industry.2.The present situation and development trend of China cement industry.3.The effect on China by China's WTO Entry and countermeasures.4.The state economy situation during the Tenth Five-Year plan period and the development of China's west.Chapter three: The strengths And Weaknesses of Guangjian Group.Only by finding out the strengths and the weaknesses can we consider how to fully develop the strengths and overcome the weaknesses.The main strengths : a perfect product quality, abound in natural resources ,sufficient energy supply, younger enterprise, smaller history load, high-level technology equipment, rich technical force.The main weaknesses: remote geographical position, higher accounts receivable, hard fund cycling, more than needed workers, lower productivity, higher cost, less competitive products, narrow production site.Chapter four: Development Strategy of The Guangjian GroupAs the enterprise is now in trouble, only by making a rational development strategy combined with its practice could the operation of the enterprise go out of it and go into the virtuous cycle, A train of thought should be followed in the development strategy of Guangjian Group: exploring market, cutting cost, extending products, deepening reformation.1. We should strengthen the marketing management.2. We should strengthen management so as to cut costs.3. We should adjust the product structure according to themarket demand so as to seek new growth points of economy.4. We must act on the "Three Basic System Reform" and promote the inner reforms.Chapter five: Problems Notiable in The Follow-up Development Guangjian should further perfect the legal person management And build the modern enterprise system. In order to seek a long-term development, it should adopt the measure -"Depending on The Biggest". At the same time, it also should build up the incentive mechanism and explore for a new incentive measure .
Keywords/Search Tags:development strategy, present situation, trend, state-enterprises' reform, reduce production costs, strengthen management, new products, industrial structure, strengths and weaknesses, market explore, accounts receivable, competitive power
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