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A Study On Competitive Strengths And Development Of China's Clusters In Industrial Parks

Posted on:2006-10-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360152987275Subject:Business management
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Industrial park represents a major and effective form to develop high technology and high-tech industry in many countries, especially in those developed ones. Ever since China opened up to the outside world, it has built up various parks and zones nationwide by following this development form. The establishment of these industrial parks greatly enhanced our integral level of opening up and developing and adjusting ability of industrial economy. By now, the park-economy has been a new source of regional economic growth and an important regional growth polarity. However, when developing traditional industrial parks, we emphasized more on such factors as natural resources, geographical locations, while paid little attention to industrial relations or competitive advantage of clusters. With the growth of industrial parks in China, a trend of parks' developing in a clustering way showed up, which gradually became a main topic of recent researches on regional economy to be further discussed.With an aim to discover how to maximize clustering effects of industrial parks, this paper has a study on the development and enhancement of industrial parks and even regional economy in a clustering way. Based on a detailed retrospect of the evolvement of clusters and theories on clusters, and case studies on various industrial parks in China and abroad, this paper attempts to make a study on the developing modes and competitive advantage of these parks, so as to define the key elements for clusters to maximize their competitiveness, and finally provide a way for industrial parks in our country to enhance their competitive advantage.This paper falls into five chapters. The first two chapters make an overview of background and past researches of the topic. Chapter one carries out a theoretical summary of related researches on industrial cluster, including its concept, features, categories and a review of major theories about it. Chapter two is a brief introduction of the development of industrial parks in China, with an emphasis on their current situation and problems, and put forward a new perspective of developing industrial parks in a clustering way. Chapter three studies the competitive advantage of China's industrial parks by both theoretical researches and case studies, where ZhongguancunHaidian Science Park and Shengzhou Necktie Industrial Parks are referred to as two typical cases. The focal point of this paper's analyses is Chapter four. With a comparative case study on four examples (Silicon Valley, Zhejiang featured industrial parks, Hsinchu Science Park and China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park) in two main categories of industrial park in China and abroad, ten elements of clustering in industrial parks on three levels are concluded in this chapter, and their correlations are also explained here. The last chapter, chapter five, is the other important part of this paper, which gives out major conclusions of the study. In this chapter, the basic path and stages of developing China's industrial parks in a clustering way is elaborated, on macro- and micro levels, finally leading to a conclusion of suggested strategies for developing China's industrial parks by clustering.
Keywords/Search Tags:Industrial Park, Industrial Cluster, Competitive Advantage of Clusters, Elements of Clustering, Development by Clustering
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