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Processing System, Based On The Postal Business Under The Concept Of Crm

Posted on:2003-01-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:A F LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360062990379Subject:Computer application technology
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In this thesis, based on the research of materials about information and data processing , its development and application are briefly reviewed .Combined with the realization and designation of integrated service system of HuNan post. The designing method and information integration technology and client relation management are thoroughly analyzed. The solution and some idea of some technique problem during realization of it are forwarded.HuNan post integrated service management platform is basic electron information platform, through it HuNan post can management their service with electron. It include Post information exchange platform and integrated service management platform. Post information exchange platform is a basic platform. It's manly object is to management and exchange information under the network layer. Yet Integrated service management system is a application system which is designed on the information exchange platform. It include almost service relation with post service , it is one of large and uniform trade information management system ,and relate to many side. For instance: network structure, the model of system platform and construct, system security, design of business function etc. The thesis manly involved three sides: basic information management system, electronic commerce system, and CRM system basic on foundation service system.The Hunan post integrated service not only aim at fulfill system function, for realization of commonly software aim at meet the function of consumer. So the specialty of this system not only fulfill the function of the requirement of consumer, but also it's end goal is to extract useful information from vary business, to development Client Relation Management to exploit post business, to become a useful tool which to achieve favorableness place on market.integrated currently advanced technique and development on designing this system .the pager put forward and solve some typical new problems of post service management .those include : research of accessing database middleware and technique of construction data connection pool , design and realization of data exchange on heterogeneous network , technique of security :the requirement security of commonly business and middling business management, electronic commerce system on the other hand .the integration of vary development platform and design molder ,like Unix> Windows NI\ Linux platform, Based on design of three-level structure ?client /middle server/data server, the technique basic on middleware ,JSP .the main structure of three-level Internet applications, performance optimizing of large scale database and data manage ,the accessing of database basic on oracle and JDBC on different platform, the decision-making system basic on data manage and CRM on data warehouse, etc.There are still many deficiencies as the system manly aim at the development of application layer and solving some concrete developing problems, Many theory which thesis involved is not further researched .Due to CRM is a new technique which many theory and implement is not fully development and need further research .The research and discuss are not development further.
Keywords/Search Tags:Integrated service manage, Client Relation management, Three tired, middle structure technology, middleware database connection pool
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