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The Study Of Client Relation Assets & Client Relation Maintenance Of PVC Enterprise

Posted on:2004-06-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J X GaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125463275Subject:Business Administration
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With the maturation of market economics and the international challenges faced to china by entering WTO, China market has been to the era of petty margin with fierce competition. As the most important asset of company, client relations become the focus of market competition. It is maintenance of valuable customers that determine whether the company could obtain competitive advantage, even involve its survival. It's the first step for enterprise to research the client relation asset and maintenance of relation effectively in order to realize the renovation of management pattern.In the view of PVC product marketing, the paper researches the B to B non-contract trade relationship. Studying from the angle of client relation, the paper put forward to lifecycle of client relation, which configures four phases: reviewing phase, forming phase, stabilizing phase and degenerating phase. Based on the integrated lifecycle theory of client relation, the author discuss in depth the two focus issue about the maintenance of client relation---how to recognize and maintain the valuable client in the background of exchange relation of B to B. The paper researches the client relation asset through the lifecycle of client relation, and make the respective marketing strategy according to different lifecycle and clients. As a result, they facilitate to maximize the client relation assets, form the best client organization, and prompt the competitive capability as much as possible. Integrated with the marketing practice of chlorine alkali industry in China, the paper partition the clients as profit client, cash flow client, technological advance client, demonstration client, potential client, and malign client. At the same time, the paper bring forward the concept of discarding partial clients and best pattern of client organization optimization and client relation maintenance.Combined with the long term work experiences and referring to the new marketing ideas prompted out in domestic and abroad area, the paper makes research in the client relation assets and client relation maintenance with the quantitative and qualitative methods. Not only for the marketing staff to adjust client organization but also for the researcher of marketing theory to study the client management, the paper could offer considerable reference.
Keywords/Search Tags:PVC, Lifecycle of client relation, Client relation maintenance, Client relation assets, Optimization of client organization
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