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On The Space Right System - The New Perspective Of Sustainable Development

Posted on:2004-09-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H HuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360092990527Subject:Civil and Commercial Law
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In modern society, with population expanding and urbanization process speeding up, the limitation of the earth's surface makes mankind get in urgent need of developing and utilizing space, the system of air rights has been established successively in some countries and districts, and the theory of air rights is also authorised by legislation and judicial precedent in most countries. It is of importance to study air rights with angel of sustainable development for human beings to perpetually make full use of land resources. Comparatively speaking, there are so many buildings such as skyscrapers and castles in the air, subterranean streets, underground passages and subways in our country, while the relative legislation and research are backward, and the research with visual angel of sustainable development is even weaker. So it is necessary to enhance research in this respect, and establish the air rights system with Chinese characteristic.This article consistsof four parts. The first part simply introduces the origin and development of air rights, then probes into some basic theoretical matters through comparative study on the system of air rights in some countries. The second part combining with the background of sustainable development, discusses the opportunity and the problems which the study of air rights faces. The third part tries to blaze a new trail in methodology directed against the problems raised in the second part, to introduce the legal economic analysis method in the study of the air rights system, and inquire into the tendency of air rights in accordance with sustainable development strategy. The last part bases on the discussion above, points out the momentous theoretical significance and pratical significance to erect the system of air rights, and in order to comply with the trend of land stereoscopic utilization in our country, it tries to put forward the design of establishing the system of air rights which can meet the demands of sustainable development in the legislation of real rights system, land management and environmental protection.
Keywords/Search Tags:Air rights, the System of Air Rights, Land Resource, Sustainable Development, Environment Protect
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