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Human Capital Accumulation And Economic Growth

Posted on:2003-04-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360095462204Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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In the 21st century, if China, the largest developing country in the world which has a long history, wants to catch the precious historical chance and realizes the economic leap, it depends on talent. In the present world, new technology's revolution, information industry's flourish, the knowledge economy's development, technology and knowledge, not labor force and capital are the main factors in the economic growth. Technology and knowledge belong to talent, who possess of talents that master technology and knowledge, who will possess of the superiority of economic development. So study the relationship between economic growth and talent capital is a practical problem.The Western theory of human capital have already proved that human capital is the main element of western developed countries' economic growth , human capital investment and accumulation are important for everlasting economic growth. Our country's scholars use the Western theory of human capital and its computing methods to study our country's practice, they come to conclusion: human capital play a more important role on the economic growth. The above study all paid attention to human capital, not talent capital, which is the essential part of the human capital. I want to know what's role talent will play on the economic development? In the theoretic study, talent capital is not a singlehanded factor in the economic growth, people didn't attach important to it. In the study about talents, people concentrate on talents' holistic exploiture and foster etc. Talent scholars didn't conjoint talent with economic growth. The paper tries to connect talent with economic growth and study the relationship between talent and economic growth. The paper also tries to explain: in the process of economic growth, what's role of talent capital, and comparable to human capital and material capital, which play a more important role on the economic growth?The paper's goal is: use 1978-1998's data about talent capital, material capital and GDP to analyze the relationship between talent capital and GDP, table the proposal how to promote everlasting economic growth. Concrete goals are: (1) on the base of the theory about human capital and economic development, construct economic computation models; (2) estimate talent capital's role on economic growth ;(3) comparable to human capital and material capital, which play a more important role on the economic growth?The main contents of this paper are:(1) summarize the foreign and our country's scholars theory about new-economic growth and human capital . First, introduce western famous scholars who commit themselves to study in the new-economical growth and human capital. Second, introduce Chinese scholars in human capital and talent.(2) Chinese talent's macroscopical analysis. Based on the theory of western new-economic growth and human capital, I try to construct a configuration of analysis, which contains a model of talent capital input and a model of talent capital per employed person. Talent capital connects the title of a technical post and investment in education, material capital use investment in fixed assets to compute. This part also cites Deng xiaoping and Jiang Zemin's speech to explain the important role of talent capital. Last, it necessary to explain the data which will use in the following analysis.(3) Based on Cobb-Dauglas production function, the paper utilizes the DLS method to fit GDP and input factors a regression equation. In detail, firstly, I analyze the relationship between GDP and input factors (talent capital or talent capital per employed person and material capital), compare talent capital' role on the economic growth with material capital's. Secondly, it is the study of demonstration. ?regional study. I choose three parts in China to try to prove the above results further. Three different regions are: GuangDong whose economy develops very fast, GuangXi who located in west of China and the central section in the China, JiangXi. Through regression analysis, compare the ro...
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