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Analysis Of Long-term Investment Decision-making Case Of Methyl Ethyl Ketone Project

Posted on:2004-03-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360095463078Subject:Business Administration
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Under the environment of market economics, the decision made by the management level is vital for the whole company. The rightness of the managing and investing decision are always related to the existence, development and thriving and prosperity of the company. If there are some mistakes in the key decision on a company, it is meaningless to obtain very high production efficiency in several parts of the company. It appears that the higher the partial efficiency has obtained, the further the company deviates from the right aim, sometime even makes a company be kicked out of the competitions. So, the modern management science thinks that to make the right decision on management and investment is much more important than to improve the partial producing efficiency inside the company.The thesis is composed of three parts.The first part aims to introduce the basic information about the company and the long-term investing projects, as well as the marketing research and the market demanding research for the end products of this project. The second part applies different long-term investment theories to make evaluations on finance and the risk management towards the risks existing in the project. The third part includes the conclusion of the article and the summarizes the shortages appeared in this article. Among these, the first part makes use of the second-hand information to carry out the research for the market demanding and the history prices of the end project products. The experience is relied on determine the price needed in the analysis of long-term investment decisions; the second part analysizes the project investment decision by the way of using some long-term investment decision theories such as recovery period method, NPU, net present index method and remuneration included methods, etc. Meantime, it makes the risk analysis for the project and determines the risk elements and proposes some measures and guidance in risk management.
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