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Development Of China's Online Banking, Countermeasures And Risk Prevention,

Posted on:2004-12-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The chairman Jan.Gesmar-Larsen of Dell Ltd. that developed by the Net-Sell ever said that,the market rule of the Elec-business time is not ever "Big win Small" but "Quick win Slow".As far,the internet business develops quickly,every aspect of the social is impacted by the net tide.That first in and takes this field presents survival and development.The bank as the high-teck company will be impacked by the net business heavily,at the same time will fuse into and affect the net business and people's life.At the net business time,berween the different financial institution,between the financial institution and unfinacial institution,the limit is going to be faintaess,the amalgamation trend of the financial serve is building the foundation stone of "Big Business" .This topic pours in the development of the E-Bank,introduces the basic theory of E-Bank,discusses the advantage and characteristic of E-Bank compared to the traditional bank,how the development of E-bank affects the branch operation, finance inspect, monetary policy and so on,the problems, bottleneck and the coutermeasure of the E-Bank in china,the risk control of E-Bank and so on. The paper's structure is:The chapter one introduces the reason why selecting this subject as topic and some documents about the E-Bank. The chapter two presents the E-bank's common theories that involve to connotation of E-bank, advantage of E-Bank compared to traditional bank, the function and characteristic of E-Bank and so on. The chapter three introduces the E-Bank's current situation in and abroad. The chapter four analyzes an example of China Merchants Bank's E-Bank. The chapter five demonstrates emphatically E-Bank's effect on the different sectors or fields, that involve the the branch of the bank, the marking of E-Bank's E-product,traditional bank,monetary policy,and finance inspect. The chapter six analyzes the problems and bottleneck of E-Bank in our country,and makes up some invisible suggestions.The chapter seven discusses the risk control of E-Bank.The former discusses the infection of E-Bank less,in this topic,I analysis that how the E-Bank affects the branch operation, finance inspect-, marketing, traditional bank operation, monetary policy and so on.and make some feasible suggestions.especially,I point out that the no-paper money of E-Bank will enlarge the currency multiplicator,it will bring far-reaching infection for our monetary policy.About the risk control of E-Bank,many personsdiscuss it from the techolegy point of view.almost no one holds it from the inside management of E-Bank.This topic makes up this shortage.Because of the limit of data collection,topic space and the personal career,this topic discusses less about the abroad E-Bank,and maybe ignores some practice questions about the E-Bank operation,many shortage still need to be improved.
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