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Multinational Corporations In China M & A Research

Posted on:2005-01-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H B QiaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360122494374Subject:Ideological and political education
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As the main body of FDI , Transnational Corporations is playing more and more important role in world economy. Its FDI means includes : one is building factory ; the other is cross -border M&A . In recent years , with the development of economic globalization , the means of FDI is converting from " green field investment " to cross - border M&A , the wave of cross -border M&A is throughout the globe , has become the Lightness in the world economy of 1990s . Though the wave of cross - border M&A is being weak , the influence is far - reaching to the structure of world economy . With the development of world economic integration , cross - border M&A will still be the focus in the theory world and practice world .The reform and open up have made great achievement in our country . With the development of the reform and world economy , the new things and problem will appear from time to time . With the development of cross - border M&A , especially the change of investment patters to our country of the internal company , the serious challenge put forward to Chinese economy . What influence of the cross - border M&A to Chinese economy ? How should we deal with the wave of the cross - border M&A ? The answer of the problem directly relates to the Chinese modernization .The cross - border M&A is the extension of the internal enterprise M&A , but is different with the internal enterprise M&A . Its has different characters with the internal enterprise M&A . Manifest of the cross - border M&A in the worldwide indicate developing country is attending the cross - border M&A step by step . It is no doubt that the developing country couldn't far away from the cross - border M&A .In recent years , the developing country has made a lot of new policy in order to draw foreign funds and picks up the transition pace of drawing funds from traditional "green field investment to the cross - border M&A . As the member of the developing country , the circumstance of drawing foreign funds in our country is not satisfied . So learning other developing country experience and picking up the transition of drawing foreign funds patterns will become the important measures to strengthen drawing foreign funds .Transnational Corporations M&A Chinese enterprise has its intrinsic reasons , its theoryrelates to theory of FDI and Corporations M&A . This paper outline several popular theory of Transnational Corporations M&A and analysis practice reasons of Transnational Corporations M&A Chinese enterprise .The author think Transnational Corporations M&A has become the main patterns of FDI and is the inevitable choice of Transnational Corporations investment pattern transition . As a same times , Transnational Corporations M&A Chinese enterprise will make great influence to Chinese economic development inevitably . For the Transnational Corporations M&A , our country goes smoothly . Chinese enterprise reform the improvement of technology and the optimization of the Chinese industry structure will be strengthen with the process of Transnational Corporations M&A Certainly , Transnational Corporations M&A will make negative influence to Chinese economy and is "double sword" . So when we take measures to encourage the Transnational Corporations M&A , we also should take measures to guide and regulate its behaviors and accelerate development of Chinese economy .
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