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Risk Investment Decision-making Establishment And Application Of Evaluation Index System

Posted on:2005-10-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360122981716Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Nowadadys, in the world, the substance of the competition inside the country or region is the integrative strength which build on the high-new technology. Who can control the high-new technology, who will control the high point of the technology, and will control the active power of the competition. Therefore,science and technology strength has become the focus of the economy competition in the world,all the country are adjusting their science and technology strategy in order to posses a seat in the world science and technology competition. As the inpetus of transforming science and technology production, venture capital has been payed attention by all governments. Face the challenge of knowledge-based economy in the 21 century and the upgrading request of internal industry structure,chinese government has decided to develop the high-new technology industry with large enegry. Under this stuation,venture capital has become the focus in chinese,because it can promote the science and technology production to transform as producitivity, and it also can improve the utilized rate of high-new technology production. But along with the risen venture capital, various problems also apperr, one of the problems is the evaluation of risk items. The evaluation of investible objects is the most important basis,and serious effects the risk investor and risk busness enterprise, so it is the key process of the venture capital. On the basis of interal and foreign research, thesis will raise a suit theory of evaluation index sign system of risk items, and expect this system can resolve some practical matter.On the basis for expatiating the concept and characteristic of venture capital and risk busness enterprise, thesis analysises the process of venture capital decision-making, and educes that emphases of thesis'research is the evaluation for collectivity anticipative income and venture of risk item, educes that the evaluation objects are risk busness enterprises. According to the characteristic that venture capital purse the benefits, thesis considers that the evaluation of risk busness enterprise can be plot out for the evaluation of income and the evaluation of risk. On the basis of existing theory, and according to the basic theory, thesis educes the evaluation index sign system of income and risk, and also educes the judging standard. Because risk busness enterprises lack enough statistic data and information, thesis uses the method of "delephi" to confirm various index ratio, and on this basis, uses the method of illegibility mathematics to evaluate the risk enterprise synthetically. After establishing the related theories and evaluated methods, combine with material case,thesis uses the evaluation index sign system to prove the theory's correctness.According to research the collectivity anticipative income and risk of risk item,thesis establishs a suit theory of evaluation index sign system form the basic theories, and introduces the brief and easy method, it has a quite strong consulting meaning.
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