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Inter-enterprise Supply Chain Inventory Control System Analysis And Research

Posted on:2005-12-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360125451320Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Supply Chain Management, as a new module of business and operation, can bring profit of many aspects to the enterprise. Inventory managed, is a crucial part of SCM, which under the circumstance of SCM has lots of problems. Thus, this requires new inventory policy to meet the needs. VMI(Vendor Management Inventory)and JMI(Joint Managed Inventory) are the good ways to solve the problems. They can fully tell us the system and integrated nature of the Supply Chain, and may give you a big surprise in reducing the advanced time, improving the service quality, reducing the inventory and so on.Based on the analysis of the problems which the Inventory Management of foreign and abroad faced, and considered the theory of Supply Chain, we can analysis the threatens and the reasons bringing by the information requiring of mutating and expanding phenomena - "Bull-whip Effect" in the Inventory Management of chain environment, and can further bring about the policy to solve it. We studied the three new policies for Supply Chain Inventory Management, and VMI realizes the cooperative management between the superior and subordinate knot of supply chain in the enterprise; Multi-grade Management realizes the optimization of the supply chain inventory management from full view; but JMI is the inventory management form of risk sharing, its stress the jointed within the supply and demand at the same time and constitute the inventory plan, to promote every managers (vender, manufacturers, distributors) of the SCM are thinking the harmonious with them, to keeping the accordant anticipate for the inventory manager's inquest between two conjoint enterprises.In view of VMI stratagem's fine pragmatism and operation, on the base of understanding VMI, combine the conceivable four assorted relationship in the real supply chain between the conjoint enterprises. Accordingly proposed four conceptual structures, for expressing that: interview structures within VMI system; the conjoint relationship between the VMI system and the conjoint enterprise's management system; the information partaking exchange between the VMI system and the conjoint enterprises, such as the transmission and machining process of inventory information's within the supply and demand.Researching the operational flow of VMI, to express the management logic of VMI and its idiographic operation flow; idiographic provide the skit functional modules to express the system's structures: Researching the key problems during the VMI system's exploitation and its actualizing, including the cooperative frame agreement and machining process etc.Finally, the theory was instructed the present inventory status of Yunnan Copper Industry Stock Co., LTD., to analysis the inventory's problems of the inventory and some disadvantage within the inventory's control measures, based on combining the present functional systems of the enterprise, analysis the new requirement of the company's inventory controlling system, and propose the suitable VMI management system for the company...
Keywords/Search Tags:SC, SCM, Inventory Management, Inventory Controlling, VMI
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