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Qinghai Mountains Casting Adjustment Of Product Mix And New Product Development Planning

Posted on:2004-07-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360125452221Subject:Business Administration
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The history of foundry as the base of manufacturing industry is very long. When we stride forward to a strong foundry country from a big foundry country, the important task we could face is how the enterprise makes use of the opportunity to develop themselves. Whether the product construction is proper or not, and the development of new products link with market or not, both of them are the important factors in existence and development of the enterprise.Qinghai Shuanchuan foundry company is a converted and state-owned company. Part of their products are outmoded and unmarketable. The adjustment of the product construction and the development of new products are located at primary level. Base on mis situation, this article utilizing Porter's competitive theory, PEST, SWOT and BCG rectangular array, and analyzing macro-environment, profession construction ,market volume and trend, sources and ability of the company, restructures the product construction ,and confirms the scope of new products and strategies.The conclusion is based on products for gray iron, concentrates on high strength cast iron and ductile iron, and features the horizontal continuous casting and starts the project of RE Magnesium alloy, die castings etc.The feature of the article is to propose the adjustment of the product construction, especially the development of new products, according to rich soft-wealth (technology and sales system) accumulated by many years. On the basis of present condition of production in the company, the theory mentioned inthe article has good applicability and economizes capitals and material resources.An innovation in this article is to propose some thoughts to the future foundry market potential demands of our country.The article comes up with thinking for adjusting the product construction and developing new products, and makes some fundamental works for the development of company in the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:Foundry, Product construction, Development of new products
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