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Shanghai International Freight Co., Ltd. Of Hmg Development Of Third-party Logistics Solutions

Posted on:2004-02-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360125461309Subject:Business Administration
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With the fast increasing in foreign trade due to the reform and opening to the world of China, our international freight forwarder industry is in the ascendant and become a new service industry with primary size. Shanghai Homing International Transport Co., Ltd. was founded and developed just in this background. The competition of the market will become fierce even more, because of the challenge coming from the globalization of economy and network development of information technology as well as the enlargement access of freight market after China accession to WTO. For this reason, the profits of Shanghai Homing dropped. In such awful situation, it is necessary to take precautions on the direction of a corporation's development.In this thesis, starting with analyzing the situation nowadays of Shanghai Homing Corporation, we conclude that the key problems of the corporation are that lacking in analyzing the condition of the corporation, without clear development strategy, not forming core competition itself, and then lost the affinity to the clients so decreasing in market share.After analyzing the condition of Shanghai Homing Corporation, we find from the industry condition that the International Freight Forwarder Corporation will be faced with fierce competition, and its survival room becomes narrower. Shanghai Homing Corporation has to innovate and exploit new business for surviving and developing. Also the macro condition of the corporation tells us the logistics especially the Third Part Logistics (3PL) has a good future in China. The result of SWOT shows Shanghai Homing Corporation shall take WO strategy that is using the outer opportunity to overcome inner weakness.After contrasting the differences between the International Freight Forwarder and the Third Part Logistics (3PL) and the advantages and disadvantages existing in the transformation from Freight Forwarder to 3PL, we find that Shanghai Homing Corporation shall develop 3PL.After summarizing the experience of the most successful logistics suppliers in the world and considering both logistics market and the condition of Shanghai Homing Corporation, we decide the aim in the near future the corporation should hold is to take technology, consultation and information net as a whole as the corecompetition of the corporation and finally becoming the leader supplier in the 3PL with both technology and assets. To realize this aim, we will take different development measures step by step.1. From now to the end of the year 2004, to accumulate capital and experience in logistics service, Shanghai Homing Corporation shall reform the organization structure to fit for the business development, locate the target market of logistics; also the corporation shall depend on freight forwarder business, expand the range of logistics service and implement the strategy of public service supporting.2. From 2004 to 2005, to establish technology, consultation and information net as a whole as the core competition. Shanghai Homing Corporation shall set up the management of client requirement classification to fit fierce market competition. To realize scale operation, Shanghai Homing Corporation shall develop the 3PL by dummy logistics.3. In a long term, the best way to realize the transformation from technology to both technology and assets, Shanghai Homing Corporation shall keep the core competition first, and then can be a leader 3PL corporation by incorporating assets Logistics Corporations.
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