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Trust Protection Principles Of Administrative Law

Posted on:2005-11-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J W NiuFull Text:PDF
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Having faith in the protection principle is an important administration method principle, but for a long time, our administration low circles' study on it is very few. But recently, our country promulgated and put into practice a series of policy and lows, inside which all embody having faith in the protection principle , as a result, it is necessary to take it into the research.This text expounded having faith in the protection principle of administration low . all the word is about 45 thousand .It is divided into five parts in the construction substantially. First , this text analys on the concept and content of having faity in the protection principle, to try cut the right define in the administration low , and pass to study the principle that is present candition of research in western countries, to try to help the principle to be establishedin ad ministration low .second , passtostudy the concrete suitable method of the principle , try to make that principle be followed rully. Finally, this text sum up the principle in the actual situation of administration low .analyse the progress and the defect , at the same time, analyse the establishing mean and the facing problems of the principle in our administration low.But it is inevitable that there are mistakes and unenough places because of the writers level. I hope that lots of reader to criticize and correct.
Keywords/Search Tags:The benefit of reciance, The principle of having faith in the protection, The applicable method, System constraction
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