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Administrative Permission Method Faith Protection Principle

Posted on:2011-03-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Entered during the rule of law, the government’s administrative act by a simple administrative change orders for the enforcement and service administration.Reliance interest on the original principles of the Department of Civil, World War II, the first to be absorbed by administrative law civil law countries. Administrative Trust to protect the principle of protection of the trust-based social order, and improve citizen understanding of public law in the contract, the scope of administrative areas to further promote the principles of reason. Administrative law principle of protection of the interests of the trust is the trust protection principle is to protect people’s legitimate for the national trust, the trust of the people due to the formation of a specific administrative act by the legal order, and arrange their lives, or dispose of their property, not because the subsequent administration behavior change and vested interests of the people, to suffer unforeseen damage. In the theory community, the interests of the trust protection principle explain the theoretical basis of different views, there are more controversial. Two legal interests of the trust protection principle description of the origins and manifestations are different, is basically the same values.July1,2004implementation of the "Administrative Licensing Law," China’s political life should be the rule of law is a major event in life."Administrative Licensing Law" established in the Legislative value permitted by law (including the setting and implementation), open, just, fair, trust interests of the protection against transfer of supervision according to law, relief, convenience and efficiency principles, which are the most cited a lot of attention is the first time in mainland China in the executive and the legislature reflects the trust protection principle. With the introduction of the Administrative Licensing Law, the establishment of administrative law system, the basic principle of protection of reliability, the executive administration according to law will also introduce the basic requirements of the trust protection, while protecting the legal rights relative to provide a guarantee. In short, the trust protection principle to be manifested in the Administrative Licensing Law of China, has important practical significance of Administrative Law.This reliance on the Administrative Licensing Law will protect the interests of the principles of analysis, the basic content of the principle, the development profile, the theoretical basis and implementation of methods to sort out, according to the law of the executive administration of the new direction. In theory and practice and strive for the protection of the principle of trust interests to seek new ways of development.
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