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On The Dependent And Protective Principle Of Contemporary Administrative Law

Posted on:2009-09-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This article is mainly to trust protection principle by contemporary administrative law's faith protection principle and Chinese abstract the principle to carry on the elaboration. The faith protection principle more universal obtains now in the world approval and is suitable for the judicial practice. In recent years, our country administrative law also gradually penetrates into this principle's research, theoretically also basically approves this principle, but very few is mentioned in present judicial practice and use. There has necessity further promote and introduce, with the aim of letting more law leamers ponder more practice more in principle. Along with "Administrative Licensing Law" for the first time, after our country administrative law domain establishment of faith protection principle, the faith protection principle more and more is paid attention to and taken serious to by more people. Establishmant of this principle"Administrative Licensing Law"has reflected peopole's request to the government ethicallity has being futher strengthened have manifested in the now social emironment,the people should have sincere,the good intertiona, there has the covesponding administrative subject because of lavking the bzcia legal accomplishment .However, even if in such government by law environment, there has the corresponding administrative subject because of lacking the basic legal accomplishment and consciousness, when implements the administrative action with too big capricionsne, seriouly influences government's image and authority.The full text besides the introduction, the conclusion, is divided into four parts, approximately 20,000 characters.The first part of the trust to protect the principle of the theory analysis, that is, from the origin, connotetion as well as the legal basis to elaborate; the second part the trust introduce the principle of protection in other countries and regions, particularly the development of more advanced countries such as Germany, the united kingdorm and so on. At the same time to introduce the theoty development in Taiwan; the third part of the trust is to focus on the soecific application of the principle of the protection of espression; application of legislation, enforcement, guidance, and other administrative point of view of the principle of expression; the fourth part of the trust is to make simple talk in the China's practice and decelopment. China in the field of the trust is to make simple talk in the China's practice and development.China in the field of administrative law make relatively few study, after enacting the "Administrative Licensing Law" theoretical research being to be acknowledged in the syslem.
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