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Economics Of Third-party Logistics Enterprise Operational Risk Analysis

Posted on:2005-07-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S M LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360125961188Subject:Industrial Economics
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The Third Party Logistics is a new form of logistics developing in the process of the global integration of economy. The Third Party Logistics is a derived demand of commercial economy and have a close relationship with the devetopment of economy .The Third Party Logistics, based on traditional logistics such as transportation enterprises and warehousing companies, elevates the efficiency of social activities by integrating the parts of supply chain and has now become a inevitable part of the development of modern economy.But like other enterprises, the Third Party Logistics enterprises would have to face the various and continuously changing risks lying ahead in the process of their development. There are still not enough emphasis laid on the management and protection of risks although the importance of the Third Party Logistics has been recognized. Insight analysis of the risks and putting it into practice must not be ignored.The paper firstly illustrates the general theories of enterprises risks, then summarizes the mean operational risks of the Third Party Logistics by summing up the common characteristics and the individual characteristics after the comparison between the different kinds of enterprises. Finally, the paper bring forward concrete solutions for the purpose of providing theoretical supports and references after putting up the thoughtfulness through analyzing the difficulties posed before the Third Party Logistics enterprises.The paper consists of four chapters.The first chapter introduces some basic theories about the operational risks of traditional enterprises. The author analyses the motivation of dealing with risks using relative economic and management theories after depicting the mean characteristics and the most important types of risks.The second chapter discusses the mean operational risks of the Third Party Logistics enterprises. The part tells of the importance of the management of risks after analyzing the specific characteristics and summarizes the mean operational risks of the Third Party Logistics by showing the differences between the two kinds of the enterprises.The third chapter analyzes the mean operational risks using economic theories, meanly about principal-agency risk and risk of externality. The third chapter is the mean part of the paper.The fourth chapter brings forward the countermeasures of the operational risks of the Third Party Logistics enterprises after analyzing the mean problems in the process of dealing with operational risks so as to provides some help to the operation of enterprises.
Keywords/Search Tags:the Third Party Logistics, risk, principal-agency, externality, sunk cost
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