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Study Of State-owned Capital In The New State-owned Assets Management System, Financial Regulators

Posted on:2006-02-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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State-owned enterprises are the leading strength of state-run economy, it is a focal point to supervise the state-owned enterprises for Chinese government. Looking back Chinese economic system reform, management system of state-run assets went through as-followed stage, "grant power and allow keep a bigger share of profits" "the shareholding system reorganizing" "invigorate large enterprises while relaxing control over small ones" and so on, but state-run capital is still in low-benefit condition. The new conception of state-run assets management system that "central government and local government perform state-run assets investors separately, benefit from owner's equity, rights and duty joint-entity, managing human affairs and assets combined" was put forward in 16th congress of CCP. This means the beginning of developing new state-run assets management system.Effective supervision is related to success or fail of state-run assets management system and financial supervision is more important in all supervisory systems, therefore, it is one of the most important affairs to study the state-run capital financial supervisory system under the new management system of state-run assets. The nation is the basic owner and the principal part of financial supervision. According to the reform gist which is established in 16th congress of CCP, the establishment of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission made the state-run investor system establish, therefore, this essay proceeds from the angle that the state is the owner of state-run assets, combined the establishment of new state-owned assets management system, the emphasis is to analyze how to strengthen state-run capital's financial supervision.Based on analyzing traditional state-owned assets management system, the essay reveals the reason why the state-owned capital failed to be supervised then revolves around the analysis of new state-owned assets management system, approaches state-owned capital financial supervision's strategy frame. Under thenew system, the frame sums up: first, with socialism open market system's establishment and state-owned enterprise system reform's pushing on, the essay discusses the state should follow the principle and objective as owner while reorganizing state-run capital financial supervision system; secondly, under the new state-owned assets management system frame, the essay approaches the state-run capital's financial supervision's grade subject and their supervision right and duty; the third, the essay approaches primary level state-owned enterprise's state-run capital financial supervision in connection with financial supervision objective of state-run capital's interest added and increased in value; last, the essay attempt to approach the concrete model how to strengthen state-owned capital financial supervision in order to improve effective state-owned capital financial supervision. To be sure the new state-owned capital financial supervision model's establishment successfully, the final of this essay approaches supervision environment related to state-owned capital financial supervision model to be established.
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