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Sino-us Commercial Bank Credit Risk Management Research

Posted on:2006-03-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the globalization of the finance and fluctuation of the financial market, the banks of various countries have faced the challenges of the unprecedented credit risks. The World Bank's study on global banks' crisis shows that the main reason causing the bank's bankrupting is the credit risk. After our entrance into WTO, in face of competition and the government supervision, domestic commercial banks have to strengthen the management of the credit risk.The purpose of this text is to improve the management of credit risk by comparative research between American commercial banks and domestic commercial banks. And reduce distance of the international advanced bank through innovation.We introduce the relevant concept about credit risk at the beginning of the paper. The objective of the credit risk management is to pursue the equilibrium between revenue and risk.In order to know the distance from the advanced commercial banks, this text has been compared from several respects of the credit risks administrative system including credit framework and flow, personnel management system, credit risk measurement. The information credit risk management system. After comparison, we can realize there is a big gap .Regarding the Basel II ,our commercial banks are not qualified for the IRB at present. We have a lot to do.But our domestic banks can catch up with those American big banks under the rationally reference, to focus on the management, to take some useful measure, and to realize the comprehensive improvement of the management level of the credit risk.
Keywords/Search Tags:credit risk management, Basel II, credit risk measurement model
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