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Intermediate Products To The Issue Of Transfer Pricing Case Study

Posted on:2006-08-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360152997431Subject:Applied Mathematics
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As a concept, transfer pricing appeared at the earliest stage in 1883. Since a century, numerous scholars have done a lot of work to research the transfer pricing and obtain many excellent results. The competition of the world is now increasingly vigorous, the research of transfer pricing plays an important role in replying the vigorous competition not only for the multinational company, but also for the group type business enterprise, and even succeeding in the competition, people are urged to know the importance of right transfer pricing. Now, people are not only to study the transfer pricing of international multinational company, but also study the business enterprises'transfer pricing and the supply chains', even have obtained the certain results. At present, the application of transfer pricing is extended continuously, to executives themselves, establishing the right transfer pricing can increase their earnings, and extend the operating scale, then strong the economic power to participate vigorous market competition. The thesis is divided into five chapters. The preface, expatiate the meaning of the transfer pricing research, current research condition and new trend. The multinational company's transfer pricing, expatiate the multinational company transfer pricing concept, present condition and its management strategies to our country business enterprise's consideration. By establishing a mathematical model, we study the price behavior of multinational company's transfer pricing. The transfer pricing of supply chain management, adopt Game Theory analysis the transfer pricing, at the same time discuss the worth zone of transfer pricing. The transfer pricing of vertical integration in business enterprises, expatiate the concept content of the vertical integration in business enterprises, establishing the mathematics model to analysis vertical integration of the product's transfer pricing and its social welfares. The transfer pricing of Intermediary product under uncertain condition, firstly, proceed the cultural heritage overview to the indetermination, secondly, based on the two kinds of circumstances non-existent exterior market and existent exterior market, this paper studies respectively the...
Keywords/Search Tags:transfer pricing, multinational company, supply chain, vertical integration, uncertainty
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