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Green Power Enterprise Cost Accounting Methods And Applications

Posted on:2006-05-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The electric power industry conduct and actions our country the national economy foundation industry, can keep on the development to the national economy rise prop up the function importantly. But under 75% energy structure and form that the power supply of the our country still with fire give or get an electric shock is lord, fire electricity generate electricity the quantity to have total generate electricity to measure, the thermal power pollute seriously, the electric power industry has already become the our country the biggest pollution exhausts one of the industries. After electric power reform, along with a set of the national environmental protection laws, policy, especially implement after, generate electricity the business enterprise to want to undertake the dirty fee, environment of line up of a huge sum of to manage the fee annually, and face the serious test that resources run short, making the business enterprise cost passed to increase year by year, the performance descend obviously, generate electricity the business enterprise profit ability to descend.This text with so-and-so power station for example, carry on the green costing method and applied research, make use of current newly arisen and green accountancy's theories, analyze to inquiry into the electric power profession environment cost to check the method and application currently, check the method and applied researches through a green accounting costs, speed the green accountancy applied in the electric power profession and expand, reasonable valid exploitation limited of resources, can make the electric power profession keep on develop the strategy valid implement.This text is ex- two detailed elaborated the current educational circles to the research of the green accounting and the content, classification of the green costs and check; Start from chapter 3, this text passes the research to the processing of the electric power business enterprise cost characteristics and the current electric power business enterprise accountancy's systems for green cost, analyzing the current green cost to check the medium existent problem; A...
Keywords/Search Tags:The green cost of green cost check, Environmental protection, Green performance, Line up the comprehensive exploitation of dirty decision resources
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