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Forensic Accounting Research

Posted on:2007-11-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The law serves accountant is the accounting and the legal science interdisciplinary studies., is meets the market economy need to develop, accountant and the legal science seeps a new accounting edge discipline mutually which but produces. The law serves accountant to utilize accountant the knowledge, carries on processing to in the economical item legal matter, and provides the related evidence to the court. The law serves accountant to produce in on century the end of 70's, at the beginning of the 80's US, the law serves accountant to be quite quick in the western development. Is engaged in this service the personnel already became a 21st century high income staff member race. The 21st century China, the market economy is more perfect, accountant faced with increasingly complex economic environment; Meanwhile are more by the legal system country policy realization request country comes the regular economy activity by the legal form. Under this situation, our country will serve accountant's demand to the law more and more to be urgent. At present my law of the land serves accountant's development and this kind of request has the certain disparity. The law serves accountant the fundamental research lag is a principal aspect. Domestic accountant the theorists serve accountant's research regarding the law although has yielded the certain result, but also has the insufficiency. First, serves accountant to the law this emerging occupation to lack the elaboration in our country rapid development basic reason, in view of this, this article served the factor to the rocking method which accountant developed to make the discussion. Next, the theorists serve accountant and the correlation discipline relations research to the law are few, this article served accountant and general financial inventory accounting to the law, judicial accountant, the audit relations has carried on the discrimination. Once more, the article served accountant's meaning to the law to carry on the discussion, at the same time served accountant's service type to the law, the working routine, the law serves the question which the accounting report and so on little involved to carry on the analysis. Finally, the national law served accountant the theorists to be short of about the law serves accountant the technical method the research, this article has carried on the elaboration regarding this. This article uses the method by the standard analysis method primarily, at the same time, uses the certain real diagnosis analysis. The article uses the correlation method to serve accountant...
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