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Study Of Product Liability Legal System

Posted on:2007-12-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360185967199Subject:Economic Law
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People have more abundant products and variety of choices with the development of science and technology, at the same time, product liability becomes more and more important because of products defects .Product liability law formed and developed accompanying with this course .Product liability law confirms producers, and sellers, duty while they should compensate because their products gave rise to buyers, users or other people injury or property loss.At the beginning of the merchant economic, the theory base of solution of product liability was contract theory. With rapid development of science and technology, the varieties of products were more and more and so the complexity of products. And accidents happened often because of product defects. Under this circumstance, the benefit of the victim couldn't be protected through contract theory, so product liability became a branch of tort law, it's doctrine of liability fixation changed from liability for fault to strict liability. At the same time, the development and perfection also arose in compensation for damages.Judging from the above experience, this article herein, by means of the comparing and analysis of the domestic and foreign legislations, attempt to the arrange, study and analyze the relative concepts such as the product, defect, the problems that arise in the law application, the doctrine of product liability fixation, thus, gives suggestions on the perfection of the law of our country. This article is divided into four chapters.Chapter 1, this starts from introducing the history of the title of "product liability", shifting from the producer liability to the title used nowadays. Then based thereupon points out the differences between the product liability and the product quality liability through comparison.Chapter 2, this chapter, summary analysis and explanation about...
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