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Under The Kyoto Protocol Clean Development Mechanism

Posted on:2009-05-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360245986137Subject:International law
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The global warming issue iS nOW getting more and more attention in the international community;it has been discussed nearly in a11 the international meetings recently.The IPCC which in its Meteorology Report confirmed that human behavior iS the main reason that result into the global warning in this century.In resolving this problem.the KYOT0 PROTOCAL has set forth three method.the Clean Development Mechanism(CDM)iS the one of the three Ways to achieve the goal,and the CDM is the main content in this article.This article could fall into four parts in introducing the CDM.The first part is focusing on the participants in operating the CDM project,ect who is qualified to enter a CDM proj ect.And there are 5 different participants during the process.The second part is mainly about operation process of a CDM proj ect and the responsibilities that each participant would take. The third part introduces the legal prerequisites for approval of a proj ect. Only those proj ects that comply with these legal requirements could get registered in relevant agency.The forth part analyzes the object in the CDM transaction.Which is called the Certified Emission Reduction(CER) about its generation,certification and transaction.After all this article introduces the framework of the CDM 1egal system.
Keywords/Search Tags:the global wanning, KYOTO PROTOCAL, CDM
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