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The Rise Of The Democratic Party Of Japan And Its Diplomatic Thought

Posted on:2009-10-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Party politics is always an important topic in the political study of Japan. It not only belongs to the capitalistic party system, but also is a typical party institution with Japanese feature. During the ten years after World War Two,the basic characteristic of Japanese political system was the antagonism between the conservative parties and the reformatory parties.After 1955,the Japanese political system came into being the dictatatorship of the Liberal Democratic Party in power rather than other parties by the form of the multi-party system, and this political system was kept on the early days of 1990s. In 1996, the foundation of the Democratic Party brought vitality to the Japanese politiacal circles. The Democratic Party gradually grew up and became the biggest unministerial party. We can see the tendency of conservatism in Japanese politics. The ruling position of the Democratic Party and the Liberal Democratic Party in the parliament showed that the new party system—two conservative party system had already formed. The Democratic Party and the Liberal Democratic Party all belong to the conservative party. Different with the Liberal Democratic Party, the Democratic Party stand for the neo-conservatism. The research of diplomatic policies of the Democratic Party, not only important to analyze the transformation of politics and diplomacy of Japan, but also will offer rich references in accurately judging the tendency of Japanese diplomacy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Japanese politics, diplomatic idea, the Democratic Party, neo-conservatism
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