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On Criminal Procedure Of Magistrates And Judicial Justice

Posted on:2009-12-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With further study of China's Criminal Procedure Law and more perfection of criminal justice procedures, the important criteria to judicial justice lie in whether the procedure is just or not. And more and more attention has been attached to the independent value and status of criminal procedure system of referees. As a fundamental system in the criminal prosecution procedure, criminal procedure system of referees has initially taken shape in China through legislative and judicial explanation, and stimulates the just of the main body and the procedure to play a positive role. But for now, this system doesn't give full play of its value function due to many urgent problems existing in legislation and judicature. This paper gives certain analysis on the problems in the criminal procedure system of referees and shares some thoughts on improvement and perfection of the criminal procedure system of referees and its influence on judicial justice in response to the urgent need to practice.
Keywords/Search Tags:procedural referee, procedural justice, judicial justice
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