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U.s. Foreign Policy-making Mechanism, The Liberal Influence

Posted on:2010-11-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As an institution within the core process of the foreign policy decision making mechanism, the United States National Security Council (hereinafter referred as"NSC") broadened the way of giving advice to the President, which indicated the consciousness of"democracy"and help each President realize his"individualized"and"liberal"way of management.This article is illustrated based on the NSC's organization framework and reform, its history and the decisions concerning the two Iraqi wars and developed in a way of flashback. Beginning with describing the present situation and new trend of development of NSC, the author pointed out the close relationship between NSC and"Expansion Culture"and further discussed the way how NSC was affected by the liberalism in its national cultural tradition. With the core connotation of"democracy"and"liberty", liberalism was developed from Puritanism, which is a ubiquitous humanism thought, and gradually become the soul of US nation's cultural tradition and spirit. Finally the author tried to figure out the methodology and apocalypse brought to the study of diplomacy and foreign policy decision making by studying the relationship of US foreign policy making mechanism and its nation's cultural tradition. From the perspective of methodology, replace the method of antinomy with the method of conciliation, i.e. compile the scientific thinking featuring mainly studying commonness with the scientific thinking featuring mainly studying individuation. During studying diplomacy, we shall be good at finding out rules among substantive chances and contingencies. In perspective of diplomacy strategy, we shall try to replace passive diplomacy with active diplomacy.
Keywords/Search Tags:foreign policy decision making, US National Security Council, Liberalism, nation's cultural tradition
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