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Investigation On The Influence Of J - Quality Garden Assessment On The Quality Development Of Kindergarten

Posted on:2016-02-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X J QiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2207330470485216Subject:Pre-primary Education
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In China,"The evaluation is for construction "is understood that evaluation can promote the construction naturally.This study attempts to investigate the effect of the high quality accreditation on early childhood education institutions, and check whether it in practice promote their quality development or not,which can provide information and ideas for the imporvement of high quality accreditation.The paper adopted depth interview,and collected detailed information of 10 directors of the kindergarten who parepared for the high quality accreditation and won the title-"High Quality Early Childhood Education Institution" in these three years in J province.More importantly,the author usd the data coding and analysis method of grounded theory, and drew the following conclusions:1.The attitude of participating accreditation is mainly "had to",which weakens the purpose of "quality development".2.Participating in the accreditation can hardly trigger their depth thinking of the connotation of "high quality".3.Their "high quality" construction work emphasize on the necessary work to pass the revreiw in the short term.4Participating in the accreditation enhances the directors’ consciousness of "standard management" and the morale of the employees toward clear objectives.Based on the results of the study,the writer put forward some reform suggestions for the high quality accreditation:1.High quality accreditation should aim at promoting practitioners’ consciousness of "quality development",and the reflection about the connotation of the" high quality ", which can lead to "participatory quality development".2. The high quality accreditation standars should focus on "Process quality".3.The connotation of "high quality" and the standards should be appropriately clearly interpretated,which can provide the basis for interested parties to discuss and update the "high quality" accreditation standards.4.The data collecting methods should mainly use observation methods, and file access methods as a supplement/which can make early childhood education institutions attch important to the solid improvement directly related to child development work.
Keywords/Search Tags:high quality accreditation, quality development of early childhood education institutions, function of the evaluation
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