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The Computer Interlocking Simulation Training System Designed For Shanhaiguan Station

Posted on:2017-02-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2308330485458186Subject:Control engineering
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In recent years, the railway traffic construction has been an important part of the national infrastructure construction. The railway equipment has been more and more modern with the advance of the strength of economy. The application of computer interlocking system is one of the most typically representative in all items of the railway equipments.However, the training to the primary workers has been a problem with the upgrading of field devices. In this paper, we introduce the electronic classroom model into the training system which is based on the real computer interlocking.The training system is made up of teacher client and student client.At first, the development of the interlocking system at home and abroad was studied. The latest development was analyzed and the actual approach of the computer interlocking system was summarized. Then, we reserched the development and application of the railway teaching simulation equipment. At last, the structure of this paper was established on a lot of literatures and demand analysis. In this paper, the structure of interlocking system, the organization of the simulation data, the calculation of the interlocking logic, and the establishment of communication system were discussed. The object-oriented theory was used to develop the training system. The method of black box testing and white box testing were used in the testing section. The theory of availability analysis was used to demonstrate the interaction performance of the software. In this paper, we completed the following work:(l)The system in this paper is a simulation system,so we need classify all of the station equipments and design the static and dynamic properties to simulate the true condition. A complete database is also needed to achieve this goal. In this part, the method which is named UML was used.(2)This system was developed by VC++6.0 under the Windows. The MFC structure and C/S mode were used to establish the structure of the system. Users can install student client and teacher client in different computers so that the system can run in a local area network.(3)The communication was achieved by UDP protocol. UDP protocol has the characteristics of high real-time, flexible use, simple development process and so on. In order to deal with different kinds of information quickly, the socket is encapsulated to use.(4)The simulation of train running and initialization of yards were added in the interlocking student clients to achieve the function of teaching. This advance of the system enable the train running can be simulated without the hardware. Different fault setting and yard restoring functions were added in the teacher client. The practice of operating equipment, arranging route and treating accident in complex environment can be carried after setting the fault in the student client by teacher client. The teacher client also can initialize the yard and close system at the end of the teaching.(5)Much of testing and summarizing were needed after the development of the system. It is innovative that the method of interlocking software usability analysis was introduced to test the system in this paper.The workers of Education Administration Office in Shanhaiguan Station consider that the system can improve teaching efficiency and save manpower at the same time. This system shows a relatively novel interlocking system training mode.
Keywords/Search Tags:Computerized Interlocking, Software Simulation, Teacher Client, Simulation Running, Emergency Drilling
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