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Research On The Construction Of Financial Service System Of Small Micro - Enterprises In Yunnan Province

Posted on:2017-04-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since small and micro enterprises appeared, has become the important power of the development of the national economy. According to statistics, the total of all kinds of enterprises in our country is 15.2784 million. Among them, the small and micro enterprises accounted for 76.57%, rise up to 11.6987 million. Such a large share, small and micro enterprises has already become the important power in the national economy, provides a large number of employment opportunities for the society. In province of Yunnan,as a main body of the private economy, there are many small and micro enterprises(including private or individually-owned business), sum up to more than 200 million Small and micro enterprises had made a contribution for the more than 60% development of the GDP and more than 50% in tax rate, provide more than 85% opportunities of the urban and rural employment becoming an important power to support the economic development of our province. In addition, small and micro enterprises, also gathered lots of innovative high-growth technology companies. Small and micro enterprises accumulated steadily and explored actively, completed 65% of patented invention and more than 80% of the new product development becoming the most important representatives of science and technology innovation in our province, which brought vitality to innovate industry. In a word, small and micro enterprises have offered much support in development of economic, job security, tax increases and technical innovation continuously, and eventually help to finish upgrade industries and structural transformation in our province.Everyone knows,fund scarcity is still obstructing small and micro enterprises. However, banks and other financial institution tend to finance big enterprise more than small and micro enterprises. Judging from current financial system, large state owned banks always take a prudent credit policy even credit discrimination to small and micro enterprises in order to avoid financial risks. By December,2015,the loan balance from banking financial institutions to small and micro enterprises in Yunnan province is 483.1 billion yuan, accounted for 22.6% of the total loan ratio. Comparing with the contribution of the small and micro enterprises, the share of credit is still very low. Based upon this, Yunnan province still need to build diversified of financial service system for small and micro enterprises.This Paper proposed to build a diversified of small and micro enterprises financial services system from the perspective of financial services. Firstly, this paper combined the financing theory of small and micro enterprises,also financial service system for small and micro enterprises of Jiangsu province will be composed in form of case. Secondly, this paper analyzed the current situation and problems of financial service, base on the data and theory. The main reason why small and micro enterprises have financing difficulty is lacking financial channel and guarantee. Lastly, this paper raised five aspects of the construction of ideas from legal policy service environment, indirect financing market and direct financing market.
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