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Employee Stock Ownership Trust Applied Research, Reform Of State-owned Enterprises In Hunan Province

Posted on:2006-12-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2209360182968275Subject:Business Administration
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Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is an effective way and important choice of enterprises at home and abroad to optimize structure of property right, perfect legal person administering structure and raise operating efficiency of assets. Globally, the ESOP presents different operation forms in practice and it has no specific and uniform definition in theory, so it is very difficult to describe a generalized ESOP system. However, with an overview to operation way of countries' ESOP throughout the world, the trust mechanism has played a very important role in it. After completing the 5th clearing and consolidating the trust industry, China's trust industry has recurred to its original nature of "accepting people trust and helping people handle financing", and many big trust corporations have begun to wage trust businesses that close up British, America, and Japan who have a developed trust sector.Now let's have a look at realistic macro-economy setting of China's trust industry. Reform of state-owned assets is the most crucial part of our overall economic reforms in the coming years. It is no doubt that the operation of state-owned assets will be the hottest theme and meanwhile the focus of all circles of the society. Scott, a famous American trust export, once said, "Trust can be compared with human's imagination". China's scholars in trust circle explain that trust sector has an incomparable advantage in system with regard to bank, securities and insurance sectors. It can be applicable to all circles of the society, namely, if you can dream it, you can do it. The academic circle is hereby used tocall trust company as "Financial Department Store". This article happens to discuss the application of "Financial Department Store" in state-owned enterprise reform in Hunan.This article aims to study the following issues. First of all, ESOP can gives positive influence or not to state-owned enterprise in Hunan which came from western countries? Secondly, how to solve the issues that ESOP meets in Chinese practice? Finally, how to designs an operational process and solution to provide Hunan's enterprises that will carry out ESOP?For solving above issues, this article researches t the following main contents: chapter 1 expounds relative theories and development course of ESOP; chapter 2 analyzes bottleneck and policies that ESOP meets in China; Chapter 3 analyzes status quo and issues in Hunan state-owned enterprise reform. Chapter 4 and chapter 5 put forward methods of Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) on the basis of the former chapters. And in combination with ESOP cases of Changsha HCC Hiden Technology Co., Ltd further fractionize the operation flow, which makes the viewpoints more feasible and practical. Chapter 6T summarized the conclusion It is completely possible to break the law barrier of ESOP in China via trust system, and ESOP trust enables to solve some actual issues in state-owned enterprise reform in Hunan effectively.
Keywords/Search Tags:ESOP, Trust, State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) Reform, Applied Research
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