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Study On Employee Stock Ownership Plan Under Soe Reform

Posted on:2017-01-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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ESOP(Employee Stock Ownership Plan, called ESOP) originated in the 1950’s the United States, it is a way for employees to invest in the long-term benefit that employers and employees get benefit plans, or that it is a way for employees the company’s stock to become the owner of the employee benefit mechanism. Because of the special institutional strengths they have, so that this employee shareholding pattern in the past half a century, the rapid worldwide popularity. ESOPs in foreign developed more mature, and its full theory and practice has proved that the ESOP system has its special advantages and many important social and economic significance, these are precisely ESOPs can be in the world many countries have been able to implement and succeed underlying causes.Our ESOP related theory and practice in the late eighties, in the development process can be said that the success and failure experiences, difficulties and hope there are. On the one hand, theory and practice have shown that the proper implementation of the ESOP explore China’s market economy under the conditions for the realization of public ownership, and promote the establishment of modern enterprise system, promoting macroeconomic reform and strategic adjustment of state-owned enterprises, adjustment of interests distribution relations, improve the social security system has important theoretical and practical significance. On the other hand, since the implementation of ESOP’s appearing in many, many different issues, had been halted in 1998, China’s relevant departments. I believe that because of some problems stop ESOP implementation undoubtedly unworthy. Now state-owned enterprise restructuring make ESOPs are re-pay attention to it, at this stage, we should do first of all should be the importance of the implementation of the ESOP correct understanding of, and to appear before the implementation process of the error and summarize and correct problems, innovation, research and design ESOP in line with the reform of large state-owned enterprise environment, so that this innovative system can successfully practice and promote state-owned enterprises, to achieve the above significance.Object and content of this paper is the ESOP under the reform of state-owned background, the article focuses on what three areas: 1. Analysis of important practical significance to implement the reform of state-owned enterprises under the background of Employee Stock Ownership Plan; 2, at the present stage of our shareholding employees program implementation problems were summarized and analyzed. For the new problems arising in the process of SOE reform, in part to be derived from the original studies did not find or need to explore further theoretical or practical issues, from another part of the reform of state-owned enterprises under the conditions of this stage, the Employee Stock Option Plan difficulty coping; 3, the problem under the employee Stock Option plan SOE reform comments and suggestions related to policy formulation. Purpose of the study is to emphasize at this stage the process of SOE reform, the implementation of major significance ESOP, find and solve more problems can be successfully implemented in our country and its important significance brainstorming for the employee stock ownership plan.
Keywords/Search Tags:ESOP, state-owned enterprise reform, related policy
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