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The Research On Decentrilized Control And Protection Pattern Of Microgrid

Posted on:2012-02-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2212330338967347Subject:Power system and its automation
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As environmental concerns and energy consumption continue to increase, power system needs cost effective strategies for improving grid operation and consumer consumption. The MicroGrid concept provides an effective and controllable approach to plug distributed energy resources (DERs) into the bulk electric grid. Environmental benefits of DER solutions include a reduction in emissions for some technologies (e.g., solar, wind, fuel cells). And adding DERs to meet the increasing load demand would be easier than the traditional way of incorporating bulk generators into grid. Microgrid is expected to contribute to improved energy efficiency and power supply reliability as well as an increase in the use of renewable energy.This paper focus on three contents:the research on DERs, the architecture based on RoADS(Role Autonomous Decentralized System) for MicroGrid and the protection based on improved sand-pile.According to the analysis of the development of MicroGrid, the key issue for MicroGrid: to achieve the role autonomy for customer and to achieve the policy evolution for system is proposed. Then the research of the typical DERs is given. And the PV, as an example, is simulated in Matlab.In chapter 3, the architecture based on RoADS (Role Autonomous Decentralized System) for MicroGrid is presented. The approach utilizes the strategy of control and coordination from Role Autonomous Decentralized System (RoADS) for autonomous operation of a MicroGrid. This architecture aims to optimize the generation production of local distributed generators. Case studies have been performed on a typical low voltage feeder with several distributed energy resources operating in hypothetical market conditions and stable grid status. Results of Analysis and simulation clearly indicate that the RoADS based architecture can realize local decision and control of each customer for economy and guarantee the grid reliability.Based on the analysis of the topic of MicroGrid, the protection strategy is given. The improved sand-pile based on small-world network is proposed for reflect the dynamic of the cascading failure for electrical system. At the last, I give the conclusion and perspective.
Keywords/Search Tags:MicroGrid, Distributed Energy Resource, Coordination, Architecture Based on Role on Autonomous Decentralized System for MicroGrid, Improving Sand-Pile Modle
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