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Rethinking And Perfection Of Our Country's Rural Land Transfer System

Posted on:2012-08-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X P LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330338467952Subject:Economic Law
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Land problem in the countryside has become a major issue in urban and rural construction and the three agricultural issues, while the root of rural land problem lies in the improvement of land transfer system. As urbanization strengthens, land is in short in urban construction. Because of the benefit, there's much non-standard operation in the rural land transfer. Farmers often suffer from losses of benefit. All these show that restricting rural land transfer doesn't work. Moreover, they aren't in accordance with China's current national conditions. The paper is to talk about how to find out methods to regulate rural land transfer system in China.At first, the paper defines the concept and range of rural land transfer system in China, and analyzes necessary realistic reasons for the rural land transfer. From historic revolutions, it concludes that the development of China's rural land transfer system is from implicit transfer to policy support, to establishing experimental zone of revolution, and to regulating the transfer through laws and regulations. So far, China has successfully gone through the first three periods; therefore, researches on transfer system are of realistic significance. Then, the paper analyzes current conditions of China's rural land transfer system, and summarizes deficiencies and defects existing in the current system. From these problems, the paper concludes that to improve China's land transfer system, fundamentally, we should begin with reforms in the rural land property system, and, based on that, improve relevant laws and regulations and supporting institutional building. After that, the paper studies the availability of improving rural land transfer system both theoretically and realistically. It also analyzes theoretical basis of improving rural land transfer system with theories in economic law, and finds out realistic basis for system renovation through practices in Chengdu experimental revolution zone. Finally, the paper, in the view that the improvement of rural land transfer system should be based on protecting farmers'interests and establishing overall system, puts forward design proposals for improving the rural land transfer system.
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