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Research On Legal Problems Of Rural Land Contracting Right

Posted on:2016-06-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330461476356Subject:Civil and commercial law
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With the continuous progress of reform and opening up, economic, political, cultural and social development of China’s remarkable achievements in Germany to take the economic and social development with remarkable results. With continued focus on rural issues central, we must accelerate agricultural development, the rational allocation of rural land resources, establish and improve the rural land contract management rights transfer our legal system, for our agricultural land use right transfer smoothly to provide an important legal basis and legal basis.But we also clearly recognize that although agricultural land use right transfer the legal system has achieved some success in speeding up the process of rapid economic development in rural areas, but in rural practice land transfer process, there are still many problems, such as rural land use right transfer mode, transfer the registration system and the existing terms of the transfer contract issue has seriously hindered the rural land contract and management rights to the healthy development of China’s circulation. Because of China’s rural agricultural production led to extensive land resources are not used effectively, lower economic output efficiency of land, the land of the farmers’ social security, the functional role of agricultural land and land development process of modernization of rural economic health can not be obtained good play, which have seriously hampered China’s reform and opening-up and modernization of rural economic development. Therefore, in order to improve agricultural production and increase farmers’ income levels, accelerate the construction of new countryside, strengthen the fundamental role of agriculture in our economy, the state of rural production and living according to the law, the rational allocation of land resources, combined with the socialist market economy, basic characteristics, proposed to speed up the transfer of rural land contract management rights, improve the rural land contracting right legal system to resolve land transfer problems, protect the legitimate interests of farmers and promote social equity and justice, maintain social harmony and stability.This paper consists of an introduction, body and conclusion of three parts, which is the core part of the body, is divided into four parts:First, a brief discussion of rural land contract management rights theory of the circulation system, including the concept of transfer of agricultural land, land transfer mode land transfer and development process; the second is the main point out the main problems of agricultural land transfer process exists. Mainly from the agricultural land transfer mode, circulation of agricultural land registration system and agricultural land transfer contract to sort out three aspects; the third is the legal system through the introduction of the land transfer, drawing on its rational land system of the western countries to improve the transfer of land-related legislation; four for rural land contract management rights transfer of the legal system of China’s problems, put yourself on improving rural land contracting right legal system specific suggestions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Land contract and management rights, land transfer, land transfer contracts, land transfer registration
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