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The Research Of Land Transfer System Of Use Housing Land Under The Backgroundof Erban And Rural As A Whole

Posted on:2015-01-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330431990810Subject:Economic Law
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The16th party congress of the communist party’s report put forward the theory of “urban and ruralareas as a whole”.and it points out the new direction of The system construction at new period. urban andrural areas as a whole stands for a system that design The urban and rural economic and social developmentas a whole,and sovle their same or their own problems,focusing on their relationship between each otherand then Establish a system. In this era background, Farmland circulation system were mentioned above thecore system to solve the problem of urban and rural development as a whole, Because of farmlandcirculation system is a matter of "three agriculture" problem solving, is a matter of global optimalallocation of resources, In farmland circulation system, the transfer of land use right and because of itsrealistic urgency and become a research focus.The purpose of this paper is to explore the core ofconflicturban of Land circulation mechanism under the background of urban and rural areas as a whole.This paper considers that the right to use house sites can be composed of three parts, the originalgetting house sites, the inheriting of house sites and the guarantee system of getting house sites. Amongthem, the original getting house sites mainly refers to achieve through retrieving measures to attain the rightto use house sites in objectively; and theinheriting of house sites refers to the transfer system of house sites;the guarantee system of getting house sites refers to registration system of the house sites.In order to service the new policy of urban and rural areas as a whole, the reform of the right to usehouse sites should follow the background of the need of urban and rural areas as a whole. Under thebackground of urban and rural areas, in order to guarantee the transferring of market elements, Propertyrights equal and unity of governing power, it’s need to establish the basic principles of the right to usehouse site, and the principle of voluntary and the country’s appropriately intervention can the basicprinciples, the two complement each other, and guiding the design of the right to use house sites.To understand the requirements of farmland circulation system by the mechanism of urban and ruralareas as a whole.this paper points out the circulation’s reform of the right to use house sites is the majorconcerning of urban and rural areas as a whole.and on the basis of analysis of practical problems about ournowday’s right to use house sites,this paper points out how to fix it.
Keywords/Search Tags:urban and rural areas as a whole, Liberalization of factors of production, Property rightsequal, right to the contracted management of land, right to use house sites, Institutional reconstruction
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