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On China's Pricing Right Of Oil

Posted on:2012-09-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J S LiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330338956302Subject:Environment and Natural Resources Protection Act
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Oil prices after the reform of the reform in recent decades, has achieved great results, especially in terms of oil pricing has been from the beginning of the oil pricing reform entirely by the government gradually to the market development. At present, China's oil pricing power is divided into pricing of crude oil and refined oil pricing. Based on oil price control regulations, China's oil pricing power of oil companies mainly based on self-development of the international price of crude oil, refined oil pricing based on their type and usage of the government-guided prices or government pricing. I believe that, although the oil pricing system reform in China has been greatly developed, but there are still many problems. Especially in terms of oil pricing, whether oil companies or the consumers of the existing system of oil pricing there are a lot of dissatisfaction.This paper from China's oil pricing reform and the development trend of starting a brief combing through the development process of China's oil pricing power, and the separation of the current oil pricing situation, come to market-oriented reform of the oil pricing trends; then the article from the business Corporate property rights theory and the theory of government price control and sustainable development theory, the logic of separation of the oil pricing provides a theoretical basis for checks and balances; third part focuses on the deficiencies in the system of oil pricing and Its Causes. From crude oil, refined oil pricing asymmetry, the implementation of the Government and the Government's pricing defects in the pricing process, discusses China's oil pricing system defects. By examining both the monopoly of the oil industry and the importance of petroleum products, which come of the main reasons for the implementation of the government pricing. The last part of the article the author puts forward a sound proposal of oil pricing, and points out the direction of China's oil pricing reform is to achieve enterprise independent pricing, to this goal, we should break the monopoly of the oil industry, changes in government regulation approach and Establishing a modern enterprise system. At the same time as oil as a public good, in the pricing process hearing system should be introduced to the government, making the oil pricing system more reasonable.
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