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The Legal Regulation Of Celebrity Advertising

Posted on:2012-06-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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A famous French advertising critic LuoBeiEr grand once said:The air we breathed which is composed by nitrogen oxygen and advertisement.With the development of the market economy, Advertising as commodity information or services has become an important marketing tool. Since 1989 LiMoRanwas, who is a famous artist was invited by senior SunMian to play a role to promote the 999 stomach AD, The law has been manifested lagged compared with the booming Advertisement.On February 6,1982 the first comprehensive and national advertising regulations:Provisional regulations for the administration of advertising--It was 1987 Regulations on Control over Advertisements predecessor, which was issued by The state council. By the eighth National People's Congress standing Committee in October 1994 27 through February 1,1995, executed the Advertisement LAW of the People's Republic of China, which is our country history first comprehensive standardized advertisement content and activity of the law. And which is also as the core of China advertising law system. To guarantee the healthy development of the China advertising industry, the criminal law specially set up false advertising sin. In addition, The Anti-unfair competition law, products quality law, consumer's interest protection law, Health Food Control Act, drug administration law and so on which has played a positive role on our advertising industry. Although Chinese legal system is relatively complete, however, the Operatition is not feasible strongly to regulate the celebrities who act for the advertisement. In addition the legislation has showed lags behind to this. In fact, the Advertising law in 1994,which was not abolished the administration of advertising regulations announced in 1987 and they play the same role in regulate the advertisement. Therefore, to a certain extent, which was restricted the law applicable by the unified of laws and regulations. In view of this, On the study the legal system of celebrity speak ads has still a realistic meanings at present. Full text is divided into four sections on the structure.First it is overview about celebrity speak ads, based on the concept and characteristics of advertising, analyzes the content of celebrity ads, the difference of the celebrity ads and false ads. Then analyses the causes of such situation roots there two reasons:on the one hand, The huge profit is the most direct celebrity speak ads cause. On the other hand, Celebrity speak ads illegal low cost. On the analysis of the regulation of celebrities speak of the advertisements object, and probes into the five kinds of main type of fame. Then it analyses the regulation of celebrities speak advertising legal basis:Firstly, the behavior of false advertisement has serious social harmfulness.Secondly, the regulation behavior of false advertisement should be proper meaning of Legal society. Thirdly, which is does not meet the rights and obligations of unity requirement. Fourthly, regulation celebrity false advertising embodies the basic requirements of civil activities.Second, through regulation of the major countries of the world celebrity ads method inspection, reveal its in common. Firstly, Celebrity Agent Advertisement with testimony advertising and express guarantee properties. Secondly, Celebrity Agent Advertisement usually take preview mechanism. Thirdly, the celebrities to Agent Advertisement exercised strict legal responsibility system. fourthly, the celebrities Agent Advertisement for different goods or services are classified. And then analyze the problem in celebrity problem system the existence of the false advertising. It is very useful perfect enlightenment and reference function to our celebrity speak ads legal system. Then analyzes our country law regulations about regulation celebrity speak ads shortage.Again is the core part of the full text, discusses the celebrity speak advertising law responsibility system. According to different types of advertising first discussed imputation principle:suggestive ads, descriptive advertising fault liability principle; Allure of advertising fault-presuming responsibility; Testimony advertising no-fault liability. Then analyzes regulation celebrity speak ads legal responsibility defects.Finally, according to the defects of our country legal system of regulation celebrity ads put forward improvement measures.
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