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Study The Legal Control Of Overseas Investment Risks On Chinese Enterprises

Posted on:2012-08-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The integration of the world economy in recent years is important in the process of world economy development, its essence is a worldwide resource integration movement. Overseas investment is an important impetus of this movement. In the process of integration, any country can stay out of the war, otherwise, this country will miss a lot of opportunities, especially for the China as a country of economic development. Overseas investment have developed rapidly,it is an important international financial transaction branch in the worldwide in recent years. It is the effective way for the multinational development,such as a large engineering, energy projects. How to use overseas investment is one of the key factors for China to go into the global economy. Overseas investment will be used of the international energy market, multinational service in the future and so on.The law system for overseas investment risk should be studied carefully, thus make the Chinese capital go smoothly into the global production, management, circulation fields and other fields. Protecting overseas investment risks in the way of law is one of the effective measures to speed up the construction of China's modernization.First,this paper focuses on overseas investment risk and the development process of overseas investment risk, analyzes China's overseas investment situation.Second,it introduces the overseas investment law of France and Canada.Third, it introduces international legislative experience.Fourth,this paper conclude the legislative situation and the lack of overseas investment law on China. Finally, facing overseas investment on the current,it makes some suggestions for the overseas investment system.I hope that through this paper it may help to improve the foreign investment laws and our enterprise to hedge their risks. our enterprise may choose a reasonable investment model. and then it may promote our country economy development .
Keywords/Search Tags:overseas investment risk, overseas investment law, transnational corporation
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