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Marxist Theory Of The Comprehensive Development Of China's Development In The Contemporary

Posted on:2012-08-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330368479937Subject:Marxism in China
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The person's full scale development theory is important content in the Marxist philosophy theroy.In the present age,considering the person's full scale development has become now the world significant proposition.Therefore ,the deep research Marxism about person's full scale development's theory has very important theory value and pratice significance to solve the puzzle which people face today.The thesis starts with an analysis of Marxist classic works on"all-round development of human beings."This article from combing the classic exposition of Marxism theory on man's all-round development related discussion starting with, combined with the academic community has some rich results, sources of Marxist theory of people's overall development, basic connotation, the main achievement of China, the main way to realize human overall development discussion, trying to to people's overall development theory of Marxism to accurately grasp and new spells.Article of first part, focus recalled has at home and abroad on Marx doctrine people of full development theory in contemporary of main results; second part, through on Marx doctrine classics in the on people of full development theory of carding, on Marx doctrine full development theory of science connotation for grasp; third part, summary Marxist people of full development theory in on contemporary China development of important results; IV part, combination contemporary China of actual, exploration at this stage implementation people of full development of main way.
Keywords/Search Tags:Marx, all-round development of human beings, development road
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