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On The Abolition Of Residential Surveillance Measures

Posted on:2012-01-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Residential surveillance is a criminal with Chinese characteristics, coercive measures, but also the five of China's Criminal Procedure Law provides the abolition of compulsory measures in the most controversial one. Legislation is imperfect, resulting in poor operability of its own, the executive organ is difficult to grasp, in judicial practice, the application rate, the implementation process problematic, difficult to solve. This surveillance system from the beginning described the basic concept, the system will monitor the development of residential and other countries and regions were compared to relevant legislation; from social conditions, problems and injustice of the angle surveillance system demonstrated the abolition of the reason; and to further improve the bail after replacing the mandatory surveillance measures to improve the living have been studied.
Keywords/Search Tags:Residential Surveillance, Coercive measures, repealed, Released on bail, complete
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