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Bail Company Study

Posted on:2014-03-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z P ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2256330401490117Subject:Procedural Law
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Bail Bonds in the United States, for the purpose of corporate profit, as acommercial element penetrates into the criminal justice process among the leadingnational public authority, on the one hand, it brings to market completion as thedriving force the commercial vitality; On the other hand is also faced with socialdilemmas caused due to the autonomy of the market sector. In this paper, to explore anew perspective that is a combination of commercial elements of the judicial systemto resolve the status quo of China’s pre-trial detention on bail company. In addition tothe conclusion this article is divided into four chapters. Briefly as follows:The first chapter discusses three aspects: First, the basis of the legitimacy ofalternative measures to pre-trial detention, the purpose is to provide the theoreticalbackground of the legal aspects of the reform of the alternative measures for pre-trialdetention; Specified that the difficulties faced by the alternative measures of pre-trialdetention in judicial practice level; Introduce legislators and scholars to solve the pathof pre-trail detention reform of the status quo, and pointed out that these reformprogram is not an effective solution to the reality of the plight of the judicial practice.Trough a comparative analysis, and ultimately come out of the bail, a commercialmain study.The second chapter focuses on the emergence and development of the bail, thebail company’s rights and obligations, as well as real-life run the program.Specifically, a Los Angeles bail, for example. The aim is to come out of the problemof combining commercial elements and the national judicial system. This is also thecore theory problems.Chapter three, due to the Bail Bonds Bounty Hunter special contractualrelationship as well as the unique nature of the bounty hunter the bounty huntersystem and research become bail company the most important. This chapter a detailedanalysis of the historical evolution and development of the system of bounty hunter,the reality of the plight faced by the re-capture of a right of bounty hunter, bountyhunter’s rights and obligations, bounty hunter system and possible avenues of reform.The fourth chapter analysis Bail Bonds criminal procedural system reference,specifically two aspects: First, the feasibility study, involving geographical and environmental factors, factors of floating population and commercial factors threebreakthrough necessity; To explore the necessity of abuse bail for the power of thepre-trial phase of criminal proceedings, the transfer of responsibility,“city with lee”and the pre-trial detention rate.
Keywords/Search Tags:Released on bail, Residential surveillance, Bail, Bail Company, Bounty Hunter
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